30th May 2015

On May 24, Federal District Judge Tanya Chutkan denied Save Jobs USA’s motion for preliminary injunction against H-4 EAD rule. This ruling means President Obama’s controversial EAD for H-4 program can go into effect on May 26 as planned.Under the program, legal guest-workers’ spouses, who now are generally barred from working, will be allowed to apply for work permits, giving them the chance to win jobs. The Obama administration said allowing the spouses to work will help entice the best H-1B applicants from around the world.

Officials expect about 179,000 people to be eligible the first year, and 55,000 a year after that. For more information about the EAD for H-4 program, please review these articles and documents.

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Read the ruling here: Save Jobs vs DHLS

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