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The Brilliant Law Office PLLC is a professional law firm owned and operated by attorney Ronald W. Brilliant. Ronald Brilliant is licensed to practice in the Courts of California, Idaho, and Nevada. Ronald Brilliant is currently expanding his practice to the State of Florida, where he currently handles immigration cases only.

The Brilliant Law Office PLLC represents clients with most civil legal issues including, family law, adoption, probate, estate planning, wills, trusts, civil litigation, contract drafting, negotiation, leases and other real estate issues. Ronald Brilliant represents plaintiffs in personal injury cases and worker’s compensation matters.

Ronald Brilliant handles all immigration matters and through his unique 2YOULAW Program™, can represent you in any state in the United States for United States Immigration matters. Call him to discuss your path to resolving your immigration issues.

Ronald Brilliant is also authorized to practice and has been admitted to practice in Federal Courts of Idaho, Nevada and California, including the Federal Bankruptcy and Immigration Courts in Idaho, Nevada and in Northern California.

If you need competent representation and an honest opinion and evaluation of your case, please contact me Toll Free at (833)296-8259

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