Child Support & Custody Issues


Helping Families With Child Custody, Visitation and Support and resolving matters in the Best Interest of the Child, Without Ignoring Parental Rights

Family law cases involving questions of child custody and support are among the most emotional. Child support custody lawyers must consider many life changing facts. Your entire family dynamic and structure is changing. What was once taken for granted must now be determined by the court in a legal proceeding. It is best for everyone involved to reach an amicable agreement regarding custody, dissolution, property division and support, but this is not always possible.

Ronald Brilliant has represented clients with family law issues for over 21 years. Ronald Brilliant has experience in the area of child custody and support, including custody in dissolution cases. Mr. Brilliant will work with you, the court and other attorney(s) involved to make sure that your child’s best interests are protected and that you are given fair and adequate time with your children.

The best custody solution provides your children a smooth transition into the new family dynamic and as a parent you have a right to be involved in your children’s lives. 

Trouble Making Child Support Payments?

If you are having trouble making payments, seek the advice of an experienced lawyer who can help you determine your options. Brilliant Law Offices P.L.L.C. and Ronald Brilliant are here to help you.

Together, we can file a various motions on your behalf. We can seek a modification of the amount of child support you pay, to change custody, and to change your visitation schedule.

Over 21 Years of Experience Resolving Questions of Child Support and Child Custody

The California, Idaho and Nevada guidelines define who will pay child support and in what amount. However, in almost all cases, these guidelines will be applied without vary little exception. Still your situation can change. You may need to make a career change or to relocate for a new job. Your income can rise or fall. Ronald Brilliant can help you determine the fair and legal amount of child support you should be paying, if any.


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