Mobile Legal Assistance

Mobile Legal Assistance
Brilliant Law Office 2-YOU- LAW

Mobile Legal Assistance Program

The Brilliant Law Office has established a unique 2YOULAW Program™ making legal help more accessible. This program is a Mobile Legal Assistance service structured to go where the client is or needs my assistance. Thus, Brilliant Law Offices makes its attorney go to where you need us. Many matters can be resolved with emails phone calls and zoom meetings. However, many matters require personal appearance by the attorney. But, what do you do if you cannot find adequate representation in your local area. That’s where we come in. I regularly travel throughout the United States representing client where they are and when they need it. Call me to discuss the unique aspects of my Mobile Legal Assistance service.

Mobile Legal Assistance Service
Where Every You Are We Can Help

Worldwide Assistance

Brilliant Law Offices has helped many people outside of the United States. Our worldwide clients are business owners, immigrants, family law clients, adoption clients and others. These clients often are not able to come to the United States to achieve their personal and business goals. However, we can still help these clients….we go to them. Often times these matters are tied to immigration requirements. Thus, many people would like to adopt children from other countries, but have to meet certain legal and immigration requirements to adopt. As a result, their dreams of adopting a child are broken. Brilliant Law Offices can help you, like it has helped other achieve these goals with Mobile Legal Assistance.

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