Legal Immigration Services

Brilliant Law Offices offers legal services for all aspects of Immigration and Naturalization.

An Experienced Attorney For Your Immigration Needs

At Brilliant Law Office, you will always meet with Ronald Brilliant, attorney at law. As your attorney, I will actively manage your case throughout your representation. I will personally attend your hearings with you.  This means that when you call my office, I will always know what is happening with your case.  I am also available via Skype for long-distance or ongoing cases. Simply email me at to arrange a Skype time and call.

Ronald W. Brilliant has served clients from all over the world for more than 15 years in immigration-related areas.

The Brilliant Law office can represent you in any immigration matter including:

  • Family-Based Immigration
  • Employment-Based Immigration
  • VAWA (Violence Against Women Act)
  • Motions to Reopen/Reconsider
  • Citizenship and Naturalization
  • Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) Issues
  • J-1 Visa Waivers
  • Waivers of Inadmissibility
  • Removal Defense
  • Immigration Appeal
  • Requests for Humanitarian Reinstatement
  • H-1B Visas
  • Immigration for Nurses
  • International Adoption Cases
  • E Investor Visas
  • TN Visas
  • Labor Certifications
  • Temporary Visitor Visas
  • Removing the Conditions on Residence
  • Political Asylum

So when you are looking for an immigration attorney contact us at (208)914-7150 or by email at