Helping Idaho and California Families With Child Custody, Visitation and Support

In the Best Interest of the Child, Without Ignoring Parental Rights

Of all the legal matters handled by Ronald Brilliant, family law cases involving questions of child custody and support are among the most emotional. Child support custody lawyers have to focus on so many changing variables. Your entire family dynamic and structure is changing. What was once taken for granted must now be determined by the court in a legal proceeding. While it is always best for everyone involved to reach an agreement regarding custody and support, this is not always possible.

At the Brilliant Law Office, Ronald W. Brilliant, Attorney at Law, has focused on family law for over 15 years. Ronald Brilliant has experience in the area of child custody and support, including custody in dissolution cases. Mr. Brilliant will work with you, the court and other attorney(s) involved to make sure that your child’s best interests are protected and that you are given fair and adequate time with your children.

The best custody solution is one which allows your child, or children, to make a smooth transition into what will become a new family dynamic. Generally, if you are an active parent, there is no reason you should not be able to remain highly involved following a custody ruling.

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Over 15 Years of Experience Resolving Questions of Child Support and Child Custody

California and Idaho have guidelines defining when child support is owed and how much is to be paid. In almost all cases, these guidelines will be applied without exception.

Still, situations change. Your income can go up, and it can go down. If you have primary custody of your child and feel that you are entitled to more child support or if you feel that you are paying too much child support Ronald Brilliant can help you.

Together, we can file a motion on your behalf, either seeking more child support, custody or visitation, or seeking to reduce your support obligation. Especially in these hard economic times, if you are having trouble making payments, seek the advice of an experienced lawyer who can help you determine your options.